Frequently Asked Questions

Installation is very straight forward. You first need a copy of either Slate Trigger or Drumagog. Then you unpack the files to the folder of your choice, preferably where you already have your other GOG and/or TCI files set up. Then just browse to the location within your chosen plugin and import a sound as described in your Trigger or Drumagog manual.
If you lose your files you can always download the product again from the link you recieved. But if you lost both the product and the link, please use the contact form and supply us with your order information and we will do our best to help you out.
First of all check that you've installed Trigger or Drumagog correctly. If the samples are not working and you have no problem playing samples from other libraries, then please use the contact form and describe your problem in detail.
If you can run an instance of Trigger or Drumagog, you're all set for using our samples. As with all sample based instruments, they consume memory the more of them you load so to run everything smootly we recommend a minimum of 1GB internal memory.
PRO Custom Drums is first and foremost a mixing tool you use to either replace or augment the shells of a drum kit since this has proven over and over to be the most problematic part of a drum kit to get right in the context of a mix. So this is where we chose to focus our product.

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